Why Coupons Work

Consumers LOVE Mail

  • 80% of people Like getting mail!
  • 83% of women pick up their mail everyday!
  • 87% of all adults want to get offers and coupons in the mail!
  • 98% of all adults Like getting coupon mailers!

Consumers Prefer Mail

  • Consumers prefer mailed coupons
    over mobile and on-line coupons by a Four-To-One Margin!
    Why? More variety! Convenient to use! easy to save and organize!
  • Direct Mail is 10-30 Times More Effective than e-mail and other digital channels!

Consumers LOVE Money Mailer

  • 95% of women OPEN our envelope!
  • 51% of women open our envelope as soon as it enters the household!
  • People save 4.5 coupons from each of our envelopes and Use 69% of them!

Consumers USE Coupons

  • 73% of people find out about local businesses from coupon mailers!
  • 96% of people use coupons to save money!
  • 40% of all restaurant transactions occur because of a coupon!
  • 41% of all consumers always use a coupon when making an auto service transaction!
  • 1/2 of all people will return to a business only if they have a coupon!
  • households with incomes of $100,00 or more are twice as likely to coupon than those who earn less than $35,000!
  • College-degree holders are also twice as likely to use coupons than those who did not graduate from high school!


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