Direct Mail

About Direct Mail

Direct Marketing – getting your message into the hands of your specific consumer – is the largest and fastest growing advertising medium in America. That’s because it works. Direct marketing captures 54% of all U.S. advertising expenditures, significantly outpacing traditional advertising. An investment of $1 in direct marketing is predicted to return, on average, $11.69 in incremental revenue across all industries.

One reason for this remarkable return on investment is that consumers – your customers – like coupons. Your customers are coupon users. Among households with an income between $50,000 and $100,000 per year, 88% are coupon users.

Direct Mail Is:

  • Cost Effective – Only pennies per household
  • Measurable – It works through on-site redemption
  • Targeted – Sent to your ideal customers
  • Tangible – It provides something for the consumer to keep, and has a longer shelf life than traditional advertising

Money Mailer

Money Mailer’s envelopes contain offers and discounts from local businesses making it more relevant to the consumer. It is not about services many miles away. We are a “neighborhood mailer,” mailed to the highest income homes in each area.

Money Mailer in the San Diego DMA

Average Household Income $118,552
% of Single Family Homes 95%
Owner-Occupied Housing 73%
Median Age 39
Households with Children 36%

Mail Anywhere Anytime

While we are based in San Diego California, we have the ability to mail anywhere in the country.

Does Your Business Have Multiple Locations?

Do you have locations in California, Georgia and Florida? You can advertise all locations with Money Mailer of San Diego. You have the convenience of working with a single person for all your direct mail and marketing needs. We will:

  • Handle all the mailings
  • Map out your best target areas
  • Submit your ads on time

Grand Opening in Oklahoma? We can send out specially-created postcards to everyone within 5 miles of your new location.