How much does it cost to advertise with Money Mailer?

It depends on many things. First, we’ll sit down with you and find out what your business needs are. We’ll map out where you’ll best reach your customers, a mailing schedule and marketing plan. Then let you know what the cost will be.

My main business location is in San Diego, but I do business in Orange County and Los Angeles, too. Do you advertise in those other cities?

Absolutely! You can mail anywhere in the country that Money Mailer goes to. And, Money Mailer of San Diego will be your “one-stop-shop.” We’ll handle all the ad placement, artwork and deadlines for you for anywhere you’d like to mail.

How often does Money Mailer mail?

In San Diego, Money Mailer is in homes every month.

Can you make menus for my restaurant?

Yes we can! We can design, print and mail your menu for as low as a penny per home! And, we can print extras for you to hand out at your stores.

Depending on number of homes mailed to.

Do I have to create my ad for you?

We can create an ad designed especially to bring in customers. If you have other marketing campaigns and would like to keep a consist look, we are happy to use your creative.

How will I know Money Mailer works?

The proof is in the redemptions that come through the door. That’s the best part of advertising with Money Mailer. You can measure your return on investment.

I don’t like coupons. That’s not the image I want my business to have.

Now more than any time in history, consumers want deals. Studies show consumers are more likely to try someplace new if they have a coupon. And, our businesses have told us that their Money Mailer customers spend more money on their purchases. For more about consumer coupon use, click here.

I tried Money Mailer 2 years ago and it didn’t work. Why would I try it again?

We’ll look at  your previous ad and areas you mailed to. It could be as simple as an offer change or mailing to a zone where more of your customers are likely to be. Our mapping has also changed over the last two years, as well. We are constantly fine-tuning our targeting to get the most updated demographic matches available to make sure our zones will bring the best possible customers to your business.

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