Online Coupon Maximizer Program

Now you can get all the effectiveness and exposure of Money Mailer coupons for your business online with the Online Coupon Maximizer Program.

LIMITED TIME ONLY: $0 Setup Fee ($250 value) – Call 619- 567- 4082

With our partner RhinoForce, we will target people online who live within the zones you’ve specified for your coupon mail service. We guarantee that your online coupons will receive at least 20,000 impressions per month.


And, you also get an individual landing page on for your online coupon, plus a report each month letting you know how well it did.

How does it work?

For each Money Mailer zone you choose, we create a customized online exposure package of text and display ads that get shown a minimum of 20,000 times for each zone per month. That means your ad is shown to an estimated 5,000 – 7,000 people three to four times each.

The people who see your ad are not just random people. They are specifically chosen by you based on a number of criteria.

When customers see your ad, they are invited to visit the coupon page hosted on (View Example) where they will see your business phone number, a link to your website and your physical address. They will be provided an option to print the coupon or download it to their mobile device.

We target specific people online via:

  • Geographic Location – We only show your online coupon to people living within the zone that you’ve specified for your Money Mailer coupon campaign.

  • Specified Demographics You choose the gender, age and parental status of the audience you are targeting and your online coupon is only shown to the people who fit that profile.

  • Specific Interests – Google puts internet users into interest groups depending on what they are searching for. You can choose which interest groups will see your online coupon. The groups include, but are not limited to:

    • Home Improvement

    • Entertainment

    • Education

    • Lifestyle

    • Fashion

    • Travel, etc …

You can also target people based on what they’ve been searching for recently. So, for example, if a person looks like they’re in the market for buying insurance, or a new car or a new home, or anything else, you can target them based on that.

  • Specific Topics – Aside from what they’ve been searching for, people are also categorized based on what they are reading at any given time online. Categories of topics include, but are not limited to:

    • Arts and Entertainment

    • Food and Drink

    • Health

    • Education

    • Aging

    • Insurance

    • Investing

    • Home Improvement

    • Shopping

    • Beauty & Fitness

    • Cosmetics

    • Body Care

    • Fashion

    • Style

    • Travel

    • Home and Garden

    • Gifts, etc …

How much does it cost?

It is just an additional $100 per month per Money Mailer zone. So, if you are having Money Mailer coupons mailed out to homes in three zones. It would be an additional $300 to get the Online Coupon Maximizer Program for all three of those zones.

Who is eligible for this program?

Any business that already advertises with Money Mailer for their direct mail service is automatically eligible for this service.

For a limited time, Money Mailer and RhinoForce are extending this eligibility to businesses that aren’t already advertising with Money Mailer. The means that, at the moment, any business can pay $100 per Money Mailer zone per month for their own customized, targeted online ad campaign.

What kind of ads are available?

Display and text ads are available. See samples below:

  • Display ads

    • Text ads


At the end of each month and ad cycle a report will provided to you so you can see how well your online ads are doing.

Get a lot more exposure for your business with Money Mailer and RhinoForce’s Online Coupon Maximizer Program.

LIMITED TIME ONLY: $0 Setup Fee ($250 value) – Call 619- 567- 4082